Supporting Co-ops across the Country: Podcast Episode 344

Oct 27, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Many homeschool families find community by joining a homeschool co-op. Co-ops provide encouragement and educational support for teaching parents and students. Wanting to offer helpful resources for those in a co-op or even considering a co-op, Andrew and Julie make it the topic of their conversation this week.

In Podcast Episode 344, Andrew and Julie start by discussing the different types of co-ops. Co-ops can be organized in a number of ways, from weekly get-togethers at the dining room table to a formal gathering a couple days a week with an organized class schedule. Andrew and Julie share some of the benefits co-ops can offer to both teaching parents and students: like-minded community, external accountability, and specialized instruction.

If you’re currently enrolled in a co-op or interested in joining one, then this podcast episode is for you. Additional resources are available here.


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