Student Perspectives: Structure and Style® for Students: Level A, Joshua’s View

Dec 02, 2019 | Posted by Jennifer


Meet Joshua (Josh for short). One of Andrew Pudewa’s students in IEW’s newly released video-based Structure and Style for Students: Level A classes, he is ten years old. When he first started taking the class two years ago, he had not yet received any formal instruction in writing, so IEW was brand new to him. I was delighted to have the opportunity one evening to sit down for a few minutes to speak with Josh and learn more about his two years spent attending Andrew Pudewa’s Level A SSS class.

Mrs. Mauser: Josh, how did you learn you were going to be a part of Mr. Pudewa’s class?

Josh: My mom told me! She just came up and told me that I was going to be in an IEW class. I had never done writing before, and I felt a little nervous. I was meeting a bunch of new people and also being interviewed. It was different than anything I’ve ever done before.

Mrs. Mauser: What was your favorite part of the class overall?

Josh: I really liked how Mr. Pudewa told jokes at the beginning of every class. He’s funny!

Mrs. Mauser: How did you feel about the lessons? Were they tough? Interesting? Challenging?

Josh: The writing assignments were sometimes a little tough, but I always felt I could do them. They were also really interesting.

Mrs. Mauser: You mentioned that you really enjoyed Unit 7: Inventive Writing. By the time you got there, you’d gone through the first six units and learned a lot of skills. How did you come up with your ideas?

Josh: I just thought of questions to help me get started. For one paper I wrote about a made-up animal. It was a jackal that had six legs. It was very vicious and could jump a mile high, spit venom, and run twenty miles an hour.

Mrs. Mauser: Wow! I’d like to read that paper! One more question: If you could describe Mr. Pudewa in one word, what word would you choose?

Josh: One word? Extraordinary!

Extraordinary. That’s definitely a quality adjective that describes Andrew Pudewa. He is an extraordinary teacher who masterfully instructs students how to communicate clearly and effectively. Structure and Style for Students: Level A is available for pre-order right now. Personally taught by Andrew Pudewa, it’s a great way to introduce Structure and Style to your students. And if you begin your students with Level A, not only will you have them learn from Mr. Pudewa, but they’ll also enjoy learning alongside Josh as well.


Jennifer Mauser has always loved reading and writing and received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 1991. Once she and her husband had children, they decided to homeschool, and she put all her training to use in the home. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jennifer teaches IEW classes out of her home, coaches budding writers via email, and tutors students who struggle with dyslexia.

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