SSS Parent and Student Perspectives: Sahar, Sierra, and Sonora

Dec 20, 2019 | Posted by Jennifer


Meet Sahar and her daughters, Sierra and Sonora. Sahar’s girls participated in Mr. Pudewa’s Structure and Style for Students Year 2 Level A class. We reached out to the family to learn more about their experience learning how to write with Structure and Style and how they felt about their time spent with the class. To begin, we asked for Sahar’s thoughts and then asked Sierra and Sonora to share their thoughts as well.


What was your opinion about teaching writing and experience with writing before SSS?
I was still in the process of figuring out how to teach my students to write, and while the girls loved to write, we still had very little structure or organization. I had a basic idea that we NEEDED to write, but not the HOW.


What surprised you about the course?
How incredibly easy it was and how much the kids LOVED it.


What support did you provide to your students?
Aside from acting as an editor, my girls didn't want or need my help. I would get an occasional question regarding a new rule they had learned, but otherwise they worked very independently.


Did you find the course assignment directions clear and easy to understand?
Most definitely.

Now that your students have gone through the SSS, how do you feel about how well they are prepared for future writing assignments?
Significantly more prepared! I can now tell them to write about a topic, and they know to make a key word outline (KWO) first, and they always ask which dress-ups I want or if we have banned words, etc.


If you could describe your student’s experience in one word, what word would that be?


What did you appreciate about Mr. Pudewa’s teaching the most?
The clarity of the information. The kids never had any confusion regarding how to complete an assignment or what was expected.


What are your plans for next year’s writing coursework?
I would like to continue on to Level B for the girls, but in the meantime we have incorporated the Structure and Style Writing method into our history and science as we are using living books for both of those subjects.


What was the greatest change you saw in your students’ abilities?
Cohesive, complete thoughts. The sentences they write now follow a cohesive line of thought.


What did your students enjoy the most?
How Mr. Pudewa made writing fun.



Below are some thoughts about their experience in SSS, shared by Sierra and Sonora.

How would you describe your ability to write before the class?
Sierra: Horrible.
Sonora: The stories I wrote were super cheesy.


What is the greatest change in your writing since taking the class?
Sierra: A change of perspective. I learned to add detail so that my stories are more descriptive, so the reader will never want to stop reading.
Sonora: I now add more descriptions and more action.


Were you nervous about being filmed while in class?
Sonora: Yes. But I quickly got used to it.
Sierra: On the first day, yes, but once class started, it wasn't really that bad.


What was your favorite part of the class?
Sonora: Mr. Puedwa made learning fun, and I looked forward to going to class.
Sierra: I thought I would hate writing class, but after the first day I was excited to go to it.


What is your favorite writing unit and why?
Sierra: I liked the one where you make up your own story because I could use my imagination and make things up.
Sonora: I enjoyed Writing from Pictures. I liked studying the pictures and making up the funniest thing I could from them.


Has the class helped your confidence? Has it helped you in any other ways?
Sonora: Yeah. I feel more confident with writing.
Sierra: ... and being in front of the cameras.
Sonora: It helped me learn jokes too! And it also helped me learn to read a KWO.
Sierra: It also helped me learn how to explain things better.


If you had to describe Mr. Pudewa in one word, what would that be and why?
Sonora: Creative . . . because he is creative.
Sierra: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious . . . because he's everything in one.


If you could give advice to other students about taking the SSS class, what would you say?
Sonora: Don't be nervous; it's fun.
Sierra: Just do it because it's helpful, and you learn a lot.


Is there a fun or funny memory from the class you want to share?
Sierra: I liked it when Mr. Pudewa read my jokes and stories.
Sonora: I loved the mysterious items on the desk and the fish in the jar! Mr. Blubby!


We are so glad Sahar and her girls enjoyed the year of Structure and Style for Students. For more details about the program, visit


Jennifer Mauser has always loved reading and writing and received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 1991. Once she and her husband had children, they decided to homeschool, and she put all her training to use in the home. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jennifer teaches IEW classes out of her home, coaches budding writers via email, and tutors students who struggle with dyslexia.

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