The Solar Eclipse: A Writing Activity

Aug 22, 2017 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


All across the United States, people today peered up into the skies to participate in a unique heavenly event, a solar eclipse. Were you among the many? Here’s a way to extend the experience for your family. Have your children commemorate the event by writing a brief paragraph, IEW style! For Premium Members, this is a wonderful opportunity to try out our brand new IEW Premium Checklist Generator.

When you’re finished, share them with us! We would love to read your compositions!


Solar Eclipses Source Text


        A solar eclipse is a special astronomical event. It happens when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and blocks people’s view of the sun. Solar eclipses can be either total, annular, or partial. A total eclipse happens when the sun is completely blocked from view by the moon. An annular eclipse is seen when the moon blocks the sun, but a portion of the sun can be seen around the edges of the moon. The last type of solar eclipse is a partial eclipse. It occurs when only part of the sun is covered from view of the moon. If you decide to view a solar eclipse, it is very important to do it safely as you could damage or destroy your vision. Solar eclipses are exciting to view.


Solar Eclipses


I. ________________________________________________________


          1. __________________________________________________


          2. __________________________________________________


          3. __________________________________________________


          4. __________________________________________________


          5. __________________________________________________


          6. __________________________________________________


          7. __________________________________________________


          8. __________________________________________________


We hope you were able to enjoy viewing this special event and that it piqued your interest in the Solar System. For more information about the eclipse, check out some additional family activities at the NASA website.

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