The Science of Persuasion: Podcast Episode 175

Feb 02, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Loosely defined, rhetoric is the art of persuasion. In Podcast 175, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker talk about what persuasion is, what it isn’t, and how people can learn to harness the science of persuasion to build credibility in their writing, their businesses, and in their relationships.

One of the concepts Andrew discusses during the podcast are the differences between argumentative writing and persuasive writing. He then goes on to suggest six principles that a writer can harness to capture a reader and keep that person reading until the end of the piece.

Are you interested in discovering ways that you or your students can become more persuasive? Then this is the podcast for you! Today is a great day to begin to cultivate the science of persuasion in your own life and writing.

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