Reviewing Our Greatest Hits: SPED Struggles and Suggestions, Part 3 – ADHD

Nov 06, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Culminating this portion of the classic podcast series that focuses on SPED struggles, Andrew and Julie spend the final episode discussing ADHD. Together they discuss the challenges students wrestle with as they deal with their ADHD. During the podcast they describe the challenges these students face on a daily basis, and share different ways to effectively deal with them so that they can accomplish their academic tasks.

IEW’s Structure and Style®️ approach helps students affected with ADHD learn to write. With its very clear checklist and linear progression of steps, students don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a paragraph or paper. As Andrew says, “Part of what makes our system work so well is that it allows them to know that they can be successful.” Believing one can be successful builds motivation. To hear more about how IEW can help students with ADHD succeed, listen to this third installment. We hope it will encourage you as you seek to help your own students, struggling with ADHD, to feel more confident in their writing.

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