Recognizing National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Oct 10, 2022 | Posted by Jennifer

For some students, learning appears to be almost as natural as breathing. They easily master the alphabet, math facts pose no problem, and writing appears to be mostly effortless. For approximately 20% of students, however, learning is filled with hidden obstacles. Dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and processing disorders are just some of the learning disabilities that impede student progress and erode student confidence. The month of October marks National Learning Disabilities Month. In recognition of that, we are sharing a list of resources on our website that will support you as you teach your students with learning disabilities.

General Resources





Down Syndrome

General Encouragement

Curriculum Recommendations

As you can see, over the years we have curated numerous resources to assist teachers and families in helping their students with learning disabilities. Do you have a question about how to help your student? Contact our office. We are here to help.

While it may feel overwhelming to look at the challenges our students face day to day, remember the good things too. Every child has at least one special gift and usually many more. Nurture those gifts as you build a foundation for success. Focus on the step that lies in front of you, not the miles yet to travel. Believe it or not, eventually you will look back and be amazed at the distance you and your child have covered.

Jennifer Mauser has always loved reading and writing and received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 1991. Once she and her husband had children, they decided to homeschool, and she put all her training to use in the home. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jennifer teaches IEW classes out of her home, coaches budding writers via email, and tutors students who struggle with dyslexia.

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