Paper and Pen – What the Research Says: Podcast Episode 354

Jan 04, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In an age of increased technology use, many students are reading on tablets and typing their work. This week Andrew Pudewa gathers his research to discuss the effects of technology in an educational setting. In this insightful episode, you will learn about the differences between reading on paper versus on a screen, the benefits of writing notes instead of typing them, and the advantages of using a pen rather than a pencil.

In Andrew’s conference presentation Paper and Pen: What the Research Says, he examines the above dichotomies and reveals some timeless truths. The end result is this: old-fashioned paper and pen are superior to our modern-day reliance on screens. Additionally, handwriting—more specifically cursive handwriting—promotes comprehension and information retention along with many other benefits that greatly surpass keyboarding.

Some truths transcend the times. The truth is that simple paper and pen triumph over modern technology. Listen to the podcast to learn more about why this is so.


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