More about Overcoming Obstacles in Teaching Reading and Writing: Podcast Episode 256

Feb 03, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


During last week’s Arts of Language Podcast episode, Andrew and Julie discussed effective ways to overcome obstacles in teaching reading and writing. One of the techniques they mentioned was implementing copywork. But rather than migrate from imitation directly into improvisation, what would be a reasonable pathway that directs students toward being able to eventually write on that blank page?

They answer that question in podcast Episode 256. Moving beyond pure imitation, IEW’s system of nine units employs an incremental approach to transitioning students from imitation towards improvisation, one gentle step at a time. During this episode Andrew outlines the basics of and purpose for each unit in the Structure and Style sequence.

It’s a pathway that is cleverly created to help students move towards writing that is inventive. Each step is intentional and gradually builds upon itself. To learn how it all fits together, be sure to listen to the podcast.

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