Mikael Walker, the Man behind the Curtain: Podcast Episode 292

Oct 21, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

With Andrew Pudewa out this week, Julie Walker brought in Mikael Walker to interview on the podcast for Episode 292. Mikael’s official title is “Floor Director and Video Editing Team Member.” Incidentally, he is also Julie’s youngest son. Over the course of their conversation, Mikael shared information about his job duties at IEW as well as his growing up experiences as a homeschooled student.

It is interesting to learn about the tools of Mikael’s trade with which he helps to produce and edit video content such as the Structure and Style for Students videos. Also compelling is hearing how Mikael learned to compensate for his ADHD as he harnessed his interests and hobbies to cultivate a career he enjoys.

Mikael remarked that working on the video editing for all of the Structure and Style videos was the most important work he had engaged with to date.

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