Learning about the Third Edition of Bible-Based Writing Lessons: Podcast Episode 196✝

Jun 27, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Once upon a time, there was only one IEW product—Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. It empowered, and continues to empower, teachers and parents to take the methodology back into their classrooms and homes and teach their students how to write using their own source texts. But educators and parents are busy people. Recognizing this fact, Andrew Pudewa, in conjunction with Dr. James Webster, created IEW’s first theme-based book, Bible-Based Writing Lessons, which offers ready-made student lessons and checklists.

Recently, IEW released the third edition of Bible-Based Writing Lessons. In Podcast Episode 196, Andrew and Julie discuss the origins of the course and describe the changes and updates to the current edition. Additionally, they touch on each of the units and share some of the Bible stories and events that are included in the program. According to Andrew, this program is directed towards students who are at what he terms a B+ level in IEW, meaning they have already had some experience writing at the B Level. This is because the course moves at a brisk pace and even provides an opportunity for students to write argumentative essays that reflect a classical arrangement. The prompts, “Should Jonah have gone to Nineveh?” and “Should Aaron have made the Golden Calf?” really encourage students to think deeply in order to create their thesis and develop their proofs.

Today IEW offers over a dozen theme-based writing lessons. This week’s podcast is filled with fascinating history and helpful information about the genesis of one of IEW’s original products and the ongoing development of the first of our theme-based books. Be sure to listen so you can learn all about it!

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