Leaping for Joy with IEW

Feb 17, 2016 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Leap Year Day, also known as an intercalary day, has been a day of traditions, folklore, and superstitions ever since it was first promulgated by Julius Caesar over 2000 years ago. The original intent was to ensure that the calendar remained in sync with the solar year, and it continues to serve that same purpose even today. However, traditions surrounding the day are quite fascinating, such as the reversing of proposal roles in Ireland (ladies, this is your chance!) or women in Scotland hoping their baby would not be born on February 29th because for them this meant a lack of luck from the very commencement of life. Of course, in our day and age to be born on Leap Day is considered a fun and happy coincidence, and those lucky enough to claim this day can join their very own Honor Society of Leap Day Babies. It is intriguing how things can vary between centuries and cultures!

While we don’t have anything as exciting as a reverse proposal or 12 pairs of gloves headed your way, here at IEW we do plan to celebrate this special day with a special promotion. For one day only, we are offering free shipping on all online orders, as well as an IEW flash drive loaded with audio talks, articles, and PDF materials included with your order free of charge! Click here to learn more.

We hope this small token of celebration will add to your reasons to leap for joy not only on Leap Day, but the whole leap year long!

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