Is it worth the time?

Aug 26, 2016 | Posted by Sabrina Cardinale

Why watch IEW's parent/teacher training course?

Have you ever wondered why IEW’s core product is a parent/teacher training course? Busy homeschoolers often ask, “Couldn’t I just watch the student DVD courses with my children and learn along with them? I’ve heard that it takes a lot of time to go through the teacher DVDs—is it really worth it?” Although it might be tempting to skip the parent/teacher training and dive right into the student materials, I urge you to resist the temptation.

The IEW method starts with teaching you how to teach your children to write. While the student DVDs are a wonderful support as you begin, watching only these would be like sitting in on a writing class once a week with your student—you would only know as much as they did. But learning to write, like many new skills, requires a knowledgeable coach who can answer questions and give help as needed.

Others might wonder, “Since I already have an English degree and have taught in a classroom, do I really need to take the time to watch the teacher seminar? Couldn’t I just dive right in and start teaching?” IEW’s Structure and Style™ method is unique, and it’s different from the way we were taught to write, even if we have earned an English degree.

In Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, Andrew Pudewa will show you how to use structural models to teach every type of writing and how to teach your students to use a variety of stylistic elements to enrich their writing. He also explains what to expect from your students, how to evaluate their work, how to encourage them, and so much more. Although you will learn along with your children as you watch the student DVDs with them, nothing replaces what you will gain from the teacher course. You will use what you have learned throughout all your homeschooling years, and you’ll be thoroughly equipped to teach and help your children to communicate effectively and eloquently at every level.

As far as finding the time to watch your teacher training course, there is good news—you don’t have to watch all fourteen hours at once! When you receive your materials, start by watching the first two teacher DVDs, and then get your children started with the student course. This will provide you with an introduction to the IEW method and complete instructions for teaching Units 1 and 2. If you are using a Structure and Style for Students course, the lesson plans will direct you when to watch each part of the teacher course. If you are using a theme-based writing lessons book, you will simply watch the teacher course by unit, staying one step ahead of your children. For example, if your child is about to begin Unit 3, make sure that you first watch Unit 3 in your teacher course.

Writing and communicating effectively is one of the most important skills that you will ever teach your children, so taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the IEW method will pay off many times over as your children grow and mature in their writing. As Andrew explains the methods and techniques of the program, you can relax and enjoy his witty humor while the stress of not knowing how to help your children starts rolling off your shoulders. You will wonder why you weren’t taught this way in school, and your excitement will soar as you realize that you can indeed benefit from the training and learn to teach your children how to write.

I always say that the money I invested in Teaching Writing: Structure and Style was the best homeschooling money I ever spent. This powerful training course has made a huge difference in my children’s lives, and now that they are grown and have graduated from college, they are still reaping the benefits that they started gaining way back when they were young children learning about Structure and Style. I truly am grateful to Andrew Pudewa for mentoring so many of us through this training and making a significant difference in each of our children’s lives.

To learn more, listen to this week's podcast with Andrew Pudewa, "Teaching Writing: Structure and Style—IEW's Most Important Message."

Sabrina Cardinale began teaching IEW to her three children in 2002 and has been grateful to see their writing abilities develop from elementary paragraphs all the way to complex college papers. Teaching IEW classes in homeschool co-ops, Sabrina has been delighted to see the joy in her students as their writing and thinking abilities develop. In addition to teaching IEW classes locally, Sabrina is also an online instructor and exhibitor for IEW.

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