An Invaluable Resource: The 2018–2019 Updated Premium Membership

Aug 24, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Value. As professionals and parents, we yearn to find value not only in the way we teach our students, but also in the materials we purchase to assist us in those efforts. And it’s with value in mind that we curate our materials for our premium members. We want the Premium Membership to be something our members find to be valuable and relevant in their teaching.

Recently, we updated our Premium Membership content, and we are pretty excited about all of the wonderful materials and tools we are including this year. Top on the list is our IEW Checklist Generator™, which has been updated and improved. New in 2017, this online generator available only to our premium members is an invaluable tool that allows parents, teachers, and co-op facilitators to create the perfect IEW checklist for their students. Simply select the unit your student(s) are in and then tailor the elements and point values you want to assign. For convenience, you are even able to save the template you created for future assignments. It’s a super-convenient method that allows you to meet each student’s individual needs. And it’s only available with a Premium Membership.

While the online IEW Checklist Generator is a powerful and handy tool that we are including in our Premium Membership, it’s not the only resource. This year we are also including a code that will allow our subscribers to get the printed book and DVD, However Imperfectly for free. This book coalesces some of Andrew Pudewa’s writings that he’s crafted over his approximately thirty years of teaching into one book. Not only do you get the book for free, but you can also use the free shipping code that is included in the subscription contents so that it can be shipped out to you absolutely free!

Also included in the Premium Membership are a plethora of PDF articles and audio talks that will encourage, educate, and sustain you throughout your years of teaching IEW to your students. Scan the following lists to see what is included this year:

Thirty-four MP3 Audio Talk Downloads 

PDFs for Parents and Teachers

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, Level 1 (includes audio)
Fix It! Grammar Glossary
Writing Source Packet for Units 1 and 2
Writing Source Packet for Unit 3
Writing Source Packet for Units 4 and 6
Writing Source Packet for Unit 5
Student Resource Packet
Mini Posters
Recommended Reading List for Preschool‒Grade 12


PDF Articles for Parents

A Compilation of Articles to Inspire and Enjoy (210 pages of encouragement!)
Arts of Language: A Magalog for Homeschooling Families, Co-Ops, and Hybrid or Independent Study Schools


PDF Articles for Teachers

The Art of Teaching a Skill
Imitation: A Common-Sense Approach
Plagiarism: What is it really? And what to do about it.
Turning an Enemy into an Ally
The Legos of Language
A Swing Towards Sanity
One Myth and Two Truths
Building a Foundation to Grow On
Process versus Product
Marking and Grading
Success in Schools
Harnessing the Power of Parents
Common Sense on Standards
4 Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
Arts of Language: A Magazine and Catalog for Schools


Are you a Premium Member? If not, maybe this will be the year you decide to become one. It’s a great value, and there’s so much support provided. Just having access to the online IEW Checklist Generator is beneficial. If you purchased a copy of the updated Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (DVD or streaming) Seminar and Workbook, you also received a code to activate the Premium Membership at no additional cost for your first year. You can keep the support coming at the end of the subscription year for a low cost. Don’t own the seminar? You can still access our premium content. Continue to renew it annually to receive the lower renewal rate.

We hope you will join us as a premium member this year. We’ve got a lot of support and encouragement to share. And relevant support is an invaluable resource to have!


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