Inspired Relevancy: Podcast Episode 165

Nov 21, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Podcast 164 began the first of a three-part conversation about relevancy. The first segment focused on the highest form of relevancy—intrinsic relevancy. Intrinsic relevancy relates to something that a person is born with and is a natural extension of that person. In Podcast 165 the conversation continues, this time Andrew and Julie discuss something Andrew Pudewa has termed “inspired relevancy.”

While intrinsic relevancy comes in as the strongest of the four forms of relevancy, inspired relevancy is only a small step away and can actually be a very effective way to motivate students to learn. Inspired relevancy may be demonstrated in a child who gains a new interest in a subject, whether it be soccer, stamps, sailing, or something else, simply because his best friend is interested in it as well.

Astute parents and teachers can leverage inspired relevancy to encourage engaged learning in their students. One way to accomplish this is to find subject matter that is intrinsically interesting to the students and use that to capture their interest. Another way to inspire students is to model for them what you wish them to do, for example, writing, doing math, or eating healthy foods. By showing your students that you value something, you help them to value it as well.

Would you like to learn more about how you can harness inspired relevancy in your classroom or home? Listen to the podcast for additional information and tips about this fascinating subject. Perhaps it will inspire you!

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