“I’m So Proud of Her!”

Apr 06, 2016 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

When Kari, one of our talented customer service representatives, sent out the following email to our team, we were both pleased and intrigued:

Virginia D. gave us a call today, just to let us know that a student she had been tutoring (in IEW) went from below average scores to the 99th percentile! She said she checked the score over and over again in disbelief of this unfathomable turnaround.

We decided to contact Virginia to find out more. Here’s what she told us.

An experienced tutor from San Francisco, Virginia discovered IEW about four years ago and has been teaching her own children using IEW ever since. In September, she began tutoring a 10-year-old who was having a hard time writing. She had taken the school district’s standardized test of writing and editing skills a year ago only to learn that her writing proficiency was below the standards for her age group.

After talking with her parents, Virginia brought her into her IEW class. Just a few months later, she was tested again. The results were incredible! She scored in the 99th percentile, meaning only one percent of the test-takers scored higher than she did.  

How did this amazing transformation take place? According to Virginia, she worked with this student once a week, plus a couple of Saturdays to get going, using the Student Writing Intensive Level B.* The student accomplished the rest. “I am just so proud of her. She’s a very hard worker.”

Notably, Virginia credited not only IEW but her diligent student for achieving this dramatic improvement. “This did not fall out of the sky. She uses everything Andrew says. She looks at the word lists. She keeps going back until she’s really happy.”

In closing, Virginia added, “Thank you all very, very much. It’s a great product. And I’m so proud of her! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole IEW team!”


*The Student Writing Intensive series was discontinued in November 2019 and replaced by the Structure and Style for Students program.

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