IEW's Premium Membership: Incredible Results, Digital Convenience

Mar 22, 2018 | Posted by Nathan King


Teaching Writing: Structure and Style is the foundation upon which all of our student coursework is established. Incidentally, it is also the first product that IEW ever published and remained the sole product for some time. Since its introduction, the course has gone through a few iterations. When it was first offered, the material was presented on VHS. Later on, DVDs replaced the video cassettes. Our most recent update occurred in 2015, and along with that update, we introduced IEW’s Premium Membership. Nathan King, IEW’s Customer Marketing Manager, has written an article to acquaint our readers with this powerful teaching tool.

In 2014 the newest video version of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style was poised for release, changing forever the accessibility and ease that our customers would experience using IEW’s powerful writing methodology. However, IEW leadership envisioned that physical discs would become less and less in demand in the future as customers flocked to the instant access of online content. Streaming access increases convenience and allows users to watch materials over and over again in unlimited times and locations. The final, comprehensive version of Andrew’s teacher training course needed to be made available as streaming video to provide the best possible support for years to come for teachers and teaching parents who rely on Structure and Style™ with their students. Not content to allow “good enough” to rule, excellent writing teachers return to Teaching Writing: Structure and Style again and again, honing their skills and maximizing their impact. All of this could be effectively managed with a subscription model, and so the Premium Membership was born.

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Are you teaching writing to your children or other students? When you invest in a copy of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, not only are you getting the full video seminar and practicum notebook, but you are also receiving a plethora of additional products that will aid you along the way. It truly is a “premium” benefit of purchasing the course. Together, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and the Premium Membership will prepare you to be the best possible writing teacher for your students. Check it out today!

Nathan King, the customer marketing manager for IEW, grew up as the son of a pastor in Wichita, Kansas. Following his graduation from Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University with a degree in secondary education in history, he worked for thirteen years as a youth pastor in his hometown. Since he began working for IEW, Nathan has enjoyed both the marketing and customer service sides of his position. Nathan and his wife of thirteen years, Melissa, homeschool their four children, but it is his amazing wife that does the lion’s share of this vital mission!

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