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Jun 27, 2024 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

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IEW® Online, which started in 2011 with just two instructors and a handful of classes, is not just another online writing class. Our foray into the online realm was driven by a deep-seated desire to offer quality writing education and reach out to students beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. This commitment to providing high-quality education sets us apart from the rest.

At first, when one compares IEW Online to other online writing classes, the differences may not be obvious—but they are clear after a deeper look. At IEW Online, instructors explain the Structure and Style® for Students material in-depth during the weekly one-hour sessions, address questions, and teach grammar concepts using the Fix It!™ Grammar program. Instructors assign weekly writing coursework, which is graded and returned with helpful feedback. By maintaining limited class sizes, IEW ensures that students receive high-quality support, which is synonymous with IEW’s reputation for excellence. In fact, many instructors receive emails from former students crediting their success in college to what they learned in IEW Online, and former students often report testing out of introductory college English composition courses. In addition, this success extends beyond the college experience because our students also display enhanced proficiency in work-related communication tasks. These success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of IEW Online classes.

I must admit that initially I had concerns that instructors would be unable to maintain the student-teacher relationship often found in a classroom setting. However, throughout the twelve years that I have taught for IEW Online, I’ve been pleased to see how the students’ personalities come through during class, in our email correspondence, and in their writing assignments. As the IEW Online Director, I have witnessed the personal touch of instructors interacting with their students while teaching and through messaging on our Toolbox platform, which is a bonus with these classes. Also, parents are encouraged to contact the instructors if they have questions or concerns. This personalized approach ensures that each student’s needs are met, fostering a more effective learning experience. Instead of the disconnect I initially feared when we started the online class department, I’ve enjoyed watching instructors experience a collaborative learning environment with their students worldwide. 

IEW Online always strives to improve the quality of our teaching methods, materials, and services. Last year IEW Online instructors tested an online grading tool called IEW Gradebook in preparation for this summer’s release. This tool assists writing teachers in the important task of grading. It automatically tracks and manages student submissions throughout the process. Additionally, it digitally displays the assignment checklist alongside the student’s paper, finding and highlighting stylistic elements for the teacher to evaluate. This new tool is designed to enhance the quality of feedback your student receives, ensuring continuous improvement in writing skills.

At IEW Online, we take pride in offering the highest level of support to our students. Our instructors, who have been meticulously selected, provide the instruction and encouragement that will lead to the students’ writing success. Our commitment to excellence is not just a claim. It has been recognized and awarded. Thanks to our acclaimed writing and grammar curriculum and the genuine concern our instructors have for their students, IEW Online classes won the First Place Award for Mary Pride’s 2023 Practical Homeschool’s i-Learn Awards. This recognition is a testament to our dedication and high standards in teaching writing.

Since launching IEW Online, we have come a long way, and it has exceeded our hopes and expectations. It is exciting to know that throughout the academic school year, 760 students in grades 4 through 12 log on to their computers each week to participate in IEW Online classes. Because many students return year after year, we have become an IEW Online family—and that too sets us apart from other online writing classes. 

by Denise Kelley

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