The IEW Blog: Podcast Episode 176

Feb 06, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


On any given day, more than four million blog posts are published on the Internet (Liedke). Blogs—short for “web logs”—feature a wide variety of themes with almost limitless content. Individuals, corporations, clubs, and other organizations offer blogs as a way to share content about themselves. At IEW, we are rather excited about our contribution to the blogosphere. And in Podcast 176, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker take some time to speak with Jennifer Mauser, our own blog “curator,” to share with listeners more about the content that we offer on our blog.

Before Jennifer joined the IEW team, she was a homeschool mom who had found IEW’s materials at her local homeschool convention. Over the years she has taught IEW, not only to her own children, but also to students that she tutors and those who attend her classes. We hope you enjoy learning more about Jennifer and her role with IEW’s blog. As Jennifer would happily inform you, the IEW blog is her favorite Internet space, and she is thrilled to share it with IEW’s readers.


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