IEW and Dysgraphia with Jennifer Mauser: Podcast 378

Jun 21, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Join Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker as they discuss dysgraphia with Jennifer Mauser, one of IEW’s Educational Consultants and a Master Barton tutor. Learn what dysgraphia is and discover ways that you can help students with this learning difference grow their skills and gain confidence in their writing.

In recent years interest among teachers and parents has increased in understanding the science of how children learn to read. This has helped educators to better understand what dyslexia is as well as how it interferes with the reading process. While dyslexia might be a more familiar word, dysgraphia is another learning difference that impacts people. But what is it exactly? Dysgraphia means having a condition that makes the process of writing difficult.

People who have dysgraphia are neither lazy, nor are they dumb. They have a very real brain-based difference that accounts for their difficulties in writing. Sharing what she has learned about dysgraphia from her years of tutoring students affected by it, Jennifer relates techniques parents and teachers can implement to help their students improve in their writing.

Don’t let dysgraphia get you down. Be encouraged as you listen to this episode and learn ways you can help your students not just learn to write but learn to write well!


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