Homeschool 101: Podcast Episode 275

Jun 21, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


This past year, many families completed their first year of home education, with a large percentage of these families finding themselves in this position because of the global pandemic. Now that summer has arrived, parents are taking stock, and many have decided to continue down the path of homeschooling because they found it benefitted their children and their family’s quality of life. At the same time they may be wondering what the next year of homeschooling should look like now that they are no longer in crisis mode. Podcast Episode 275 continues the series, dubbed Homeschool 101, providing encouragement and direction for those who are new to the homeschooling lifestyle. The first episode in the series was Episode 265.

Examining the question “how do we begin to homeschool,” Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker offer sage advice and simple steps to launch a successful homeschool program. Emphasizing that parents need to first ascertain their priorities, the two describe three actions that support family relationships, a critical component for homeschooling success.

What are those steps? First off, spend lots of time reading aloud to your students regardless of their ages. Next, allow your children time to decompress from coming out of any stressful school situations. Finally? Let go of harmful comparisons of your children to other children. The only comparison you should be making is to compare your child to his own personal growth.

During the podcast Andrew and Julie provide great suggestions for where to find quality literature selections as well as comforting advice culled from their own decades spent educating their children. If you are a new or newish homeschooler, prepare to feel much more at ease and excited for the upcoming school year.

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