Homeschool 101: Podcast Episode 265

Apr 09, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


This past year, did you become a first-time homeschooler? Are you considering extending your homeschooling experience next year, whether by continuing to home educate or perhaps by doing a bit of afterschooling? In podcast Episode 265, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker speak to the newest homeschoolers. It’s the first episode in a series of episodes that will focus on the needs and interests specific to new homeschoolers and will be running every tenth episode.

Offering encouragement, wisdom, and direction, Andrew and Julie share ideas about how to help your family adjust from five-day-a-week schooling to the new normal of home education. They share ways to connect with others who are on a similar journey. Additionally they offer tips to help families who desire to homeschool but where both parents have full time jobs.

To hear what they have to say, listen to the episode. And if you haven’t yet done this, visit the link to free lessons by going to to start your students writing with Structure and Style. More and more families are discovering the freedom that homeschooling imparts, and there’s no better time than today to take the leap to a new lifestyle of learning and family connectedness.

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