Homeschool 101 – A Conversation with Leilani Melendez: Podcast Episode 355

Jan 11, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Continuing the Homeschool 101 series, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker welcome IEW affiliate and homeschool mom Leilani Melendez. Leilani offers guidance and resources to other homeschool families primarily through her YouTube channel and website, Living with Eve. In this episode Leilani discusses her work and shares her homeschooling experience as a parent educator to special needs children.

Teaching in a traditional classroom for ten years, Leilani admits her initial hesitation to take the leap and homeschool her children. After continual encouragement from her husband, she resigned from her teaching position to begin their homeschooling journey. Leilani’s positive outlook about what they “get” to do rather than what they “have” to do as a family with special needs children is genuinely refreshing!

Listen to this episode as Leilani discusses the many intangibles her family has gained, as well as how they manage to be flexible and creative amidst a busy schedule. We are certain you will be encouraged by her passionate pursuit to help as many people as she can with her story!


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