Growth Through Goal Setting in 2017

Feb 01, 2017 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


We are now a month into 2017. It is a crucial time of the year for those of us bold enough to create annual goals. It is tempting to give up the effort and slink back into our comfort zone. At the beginning of the year, we asked our readers to list some of their goals for 2017. As we received them, we read them and were so inspired! It was clear we needed to share them more broadly—they were so heartfelt and creative. We hope they may inspire you to keep working towards your own goals, or maybe even leverage one of the ones you see here for yourself! So, read on for inspiration!

Some of the goals we received were centered on personal improvement.

To be present and make relationships count…

In a word, gentleness. For the first time I have decided to take on a literary mentor and chose C.S. Lewis.

I would really love to regulate my sleep pattern and get more quality sleep. I must force myself to go to bed earlier so I can be more productive and available during the day for my family. I also desire to be less reactive in my homeschooling when my son doesn't complete a task like I expect him to. Instead of judging him I would like to be more encouraging to work hard on his own.

My goal for 2017 is to start a blog. Writing about all that I learn about Classical Education will help me think deeply, speak clearly, and discover innovations about this education which I care so much about.

My 2017 goal is to get a life—a life outside of homeschooling that is rich and energizes me so I can be a better homeschool mom. I want to get rid of tasks that don't add significant value, but take my time, and focus on a few that add the most value.

Love. A passionate love for God. Love for family because that is where our roots, our heritage, and our sense of self forms. Love of others, who share this world with us. Diligently pursuing the love of learning through reading aloud.

I plan to be more intentional with my kids, taking time to focus on what they are enjoying, building on their strengths and supporting their weaknesses. We all have a goal to enjoy school more!

And many goals drew in all the family.

My biggest goal is to help my children find things they are passionate about and help them realize how important it is to have character and a drive to work towards things, and not accept mediocrity.

I want to savor all the ordinary moments! :)

Our family is reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and accepting the dare to name and record three gifts per day—1000 gifts in 2017! Each family member has been given a journal and we are off on this journey! We have already found such joy by simply being fully present and engaged in conversations, listening more intentionally and being thankful for the many gifts we have already been given each day! Each day seems twice as long as we slow down to record and count our gifts! What a blessing!

To answer the question "How do I disciple my children?" because with the weight of academics always pressing, I've yet to take developing their characters seriously.

My 2017 goals for my two students, who are also my children, contain a threefold approach to stewarding their minds and bodies using sustainable habits. These three goals are to equip them for independent Bible study, to equip them to prepare truly healthy meals, and to assist them in finding the physical activity (or activities) they enjoy most.

My 2017 education goals are to spend more "lightbulb" time with my kids. There's a certain satisfaction I get when the 'lightbulb' goes on in my kids' heads while I'm teaching a new concept and I know that they've gotten it!

Spend more quality time talking and reading with my boys before bedtime.

I want to spend more time outside with my kids in 2017. Specifically, hiking through the many nature trails that are near where we live.

We love to play family board games together, but don't always make the time to do so. This year we are going to make the effort to play family board games several times a week. Why? Because it gets us around the table together, and during those times we ban the use of all other devices, making for fun, quality family time.

My IEW-related goal for my students is to perfect (or increase confidence) in the art of the clincher.

Be kinder. Laugh more. Help my kids to love learning. Get my black belt in taekwondo. Know God better.

We can’t say it any better!

Thank you to all who shared their goals with us. We hope this post is an inspiration for all who read it to reflect and refine some goals this year. It is never too late to begin! Make 2017 your year to grow!

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