The Goodness of Memory: Podcast Episode 349

Nov 30, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In the modern world, the education system places little emphasis on rote learning and memorization. As Andrew points out in this episode, though, our memory is what allows us to act, talk, and create new things. Tune in to learn how a memorized repertoire enriches and furnishes the mind. Toward the end of the conversation, Andrew notes that the more one practices memorizing, the easier the task becomes!

During the episode Andrew and Julie examine the beliefs that helped propel educational progressivism in the twentieth century, focusing specifically on the ideas formulated by John Dewey. Dewey felt that memorization was a waste of time and that it stifled creativity. After all, why memorize when the facts were literally a few encyclopedia pages—now keystrokes or finger taps—away?

Andrew and Julie discuss why Dewey’s ideas about memorization were wrong and share the grace, the gratitude, and the goodness that comes through memorization. There is a sense of thankfulness when one is able to recall a piece of memorized poetry or prose. Cultivating memory is indeed a worthy pursuit. Listen to the podcast to learn more about why that is so.


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