Fathers Matter

Jun 09, 2017 | Posted by Nathan King


This month we celebrate Father’s Day, that time of the year when we take a special moment to cherish all of the phenomenal dads who encourage, support, and believe in us. Not only are they protectors, providers, and role models, dads have the capability to make a positive impact in their child’s education in endless ways through accountability, clarification, and modeling positive character.

Accountability is paramount to children, especially in a study environment. When fathers take time to check in with their children, they are able to create an essential and caring connection. A father who takes time to stop what he is doing to check in with his child shows an essential trait: caring. An environment of trust is thus created where children feel they can be motivated to stay on track because someone who truly cares is holding them accountable. In doing this, fathers intercept children’s perception of their schoolwork being useless or pointless. Fathers who are able to reach out to students with this level of care and attention are dynamic components in creating valuable accountability.

Hand in hand with accountability comes clarification, a powerful weapon against frustration that all fathers, mothers, and teachers alike can benefit from using. Essentially, it is unfair to expect satisfactory work from students if they have not fully understood the assignments that were given. A child who is overcome with feelings of frustration is incapable of bringing his best to the table. Clarity is key. The clarity a father can bring will equip his children to succeed.

Beyond accountability and clarity, the most crucial factor is the character that has been modeled to children by their parents. Parents who model good study skills, passion, and persistence, set positive examples to young developing minds. When a father’s words are consistent with his behavior, the children learn to fully trust him and his input into their lives. A father who has formed a relationship of trust provides trustworthy feedback for his children as they mature into competent and confident communicators. Because children tend to embrace and reflect strong parental traits, modeling these attitudes is the most compelling way to influence students.

One thing is clear: the role of a loving and supportive father is priceless. As we enter the season of mortarboards, long valedictorian speeches, and endless repetitions of “Pomp and Circumstance,” we are reminded of the end goal of any father’s involvement in his child’s education: children who succeed because they have been encouraged, supported, and believed in.


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Nathan King, the customer marketing manager for IEW, grew up as the son of a pastor in Wichita, Kansas. Following his graduation from Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University with a degree in secondary education in history, he worked for thirteen years as a youth pastor in his hometown. Since he began working for IEW, Nathan has enjoyed both the marketing and customer service sides of his position. Nathan and his wife of thirteen years, Melissa, homeschool their four children, but it is his amazing wife that does the lion’s share of this vital mission!

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