An Exciting Addition to Premium Membership: TTAP

Feb 15, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Being a premium member presents plenty of great benefits. Not only do premium members have the ability to stream the entire Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video course; they also have the opportunity to receive additional training through master classes, which are live-taught periodically throughout the year. Premium members receive other benefits as well, including a free shipping code each year as well as great content, such as audio presentations and PDFs of articles and curriculum. Additionally, having access to the Checklist Generator means instructors can quickly and easily create custom checklists for their students. All of these features make Premium Membership a beneficial resource for the instructor, but recently we added another tool that makes the membership even more valuable: Teaching Tips with Andrew Pudewa (TTAP).

Consisting of several short videos that run approximately seven to ten minutes in length, the TTAP catalog features Andrew Pudewa providing extra teacher support for various concepts or lessons. Currently most of the videos provide an extra bit of assistance for various lessons in the Structure and Style for Students (SSS) curricula although there are also videos on more generic topics as well. As time goes on, more and more videos will be added to the collection. For example, if you are a teacher preparing to teach SSS Level 1B, Week 5, “Odysseus and the Cyclops,” you will find watching the video for that week a very handy addition to your teacher prep because Andrew offers support beyond what he models to the students during the video lesson. This information is especially targeted to the teacher. Other video clips address questions such as these:

  • Is cursive writing important?
  • Can I help my students too much?
  • What are the key benefits of using the Structure and Style method?
  • Which is better: pencil or pen?
  • How can I predict a student’s writing skills?

The TTAP is almost like having Andrew on speed dial for ready reference and support! If you presently have a Premium Membership, be sure you check for it in your account. In your dashboard, click on the Video Streams option and look for the TWSS2-PREM-GO heading. The TTAP videos will be nested there. If you don’t yet have a Premium Membership, you may want to consider getting one today. The benefits are worth it!

You can become a member in a variety of ways:

  • If you received a free membership through the Twelve Days of Christmas Giving, you can renew your membership, which will be expiring at the end of February.
  • You can purchase it here.
  • If you purchase a Structure and Style for Students Premier Package, you will receive a code for a one-year membership.
  • If you purchase Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, you will receive a code for a one-year membership.

We are super excited to be able to offer this collection of videos as additional assistance to our members. It is just one more way that we can help support you as you teach your students Structure and Style.

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