Deep Thoughts About Thinking: Podcast Episode 123

Jan 18, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


In August of 2015, IEW officially launched its fledgling podcast—The Arts of Language.The initial topics Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker focused on comprised the foundation of IEW’s approach to education. Episode 8, “The Quintessence of the Four Language Arts,” centered on thinking, specifically critical thinking. It was a wonderful introduction to the subject, but both Andrew and Julie agreed that they needed to circle back around to the idea and develop it further. An “advanced thinking” podcast seemed to them a sage idea.

It took a little while (115 episodes to be exact!), but they recently had the opportunity to reexamine and refine what thinking actually is, and Episode 123 is the first installment of two podcasts dedicated to the subject.

George Orwell once said, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” IEW embraces Orwell’s thoughts. Tune in and listen to the podcast to hear Andrew and Julie discuss how focused and intentional thinking occurs and how to translate it into a teachable, learnable skill.

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