Cooking with Andrew and Julie, Part 2: Podcast Episode 226

Jul 01, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


During last week’s podcast, Episode 225, Andrew and Julie discussed their mutual joy in the culinary arts. For today’s podcast, Episode 226, they continue the conversation, but this time they create an extended metaphor that relates the art of cooking to the art of writing. Previously Andrew has compared the process of learning to write to learning how to make music, another one of his great interests. He draws that analogy in the course Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. In other places he has likened writing to sports. Both of these are effective metaphors. How, you may wonder, does cooking work in this framework? You might be surprised at how well.

Listen to the podcast to learn how writing relates to cooking. Andrew and Julie even draw connections to the various units and explain how the cooking metaphor works within a unit’s unique framework. It’s a novel episode casting a new light on Structure and Style, but don’t be surprised if your stomach starts rumbling as you listen!

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