Cinematic Exploration—The Book or the Movie? Podcast Episode 169

Dec 19, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


“If you read the book first, it imprints images in your memory—the images that are built by the author and translated by you in your imagination. And those are strong.” Andrew Pudewa

Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker continue their discussion about movies in Podcast 169. While their earlier conversation in Podcast 168 focused primarily on discussing Andrew’s favorite movies, the two shift their focus in this latest podcast to instead discussing films as they compare them to the original books.

Together Andrew and Julie reminisce on some of their favorite books that were translated into films—some with excellent results and others not so much. Andrew also describes how modern books and movies differ from classics in that classic books and films have much longer expositions that are rich with description while modern books and films instead attempt to capture their audience’s attention from the very beginning. This is one reason, he declares, why it is so important to introduce students to classic literature when they are young—to inculcate the ability to enjoy the slow development of a beautifully-told tale.

Enjoy listening to this entertaining podcast. There are some excellent movie mentions that you may want to explore. But that isn’t all. Andrew and Julie also consider some questions that you might have wondered about for your students—questions such as, Is it better to first introduce a student to a book by means of the movie? and Will a movie’s characters and circumstances “replace” a book’s in the mind of a student? To find out, be sure to check out the podcast!

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