Boy Mom: Podcast Episode 148

Jul 23, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Two paradoxes exist for parents and their boys.

  1. How do parents deal with a culture of children who believe they have a right to be entertained?

  2. How should parents deal with the problem that every boy wants to be grown up and gone, at least on some level, beginning somewhere in the middle school years? And knowing this, how do parents navigate the years until a child achieves autonomy?

Have you ever wondered about these questions as well? If so, then you will really enjoy Podcast 148, for Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker have a delightful conversation about these issues with Monica Swanson, “The Grommom.”

Monica is a blogger and a mom of four boys. Her family has embraced a homeschooling lifestyle, and all four of her boys surf. As a mother to four active boys, she has received many questions at her blog from parents about how to successfully navigate raising motivated and engaged sons. Inspired by these questions, Monica has been writing a book that addresses lessons she believes are important for boys to learn before they launch out on their own. The title is tentatively called Boy Mom, and we are all excited for its release.

Not only does the podcast help you figure out ways to motivate your own boys, but it also offers some great book suggestions for boys as well. And you don’t want to miss Monica’s sons’ questions for Andrew, either! We hope you will check it out!

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