A Bookish Discussion, Part 1: Podcast Episode 283

Aug 19, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

One of the questions Andrew Pudewa frequently receives while he’s at various conferences is, “What are you reading?” In this episode Andrew and Julie begin to talk about exactly that! Over the past twenty-one years, Andrew has kept a running list that he refers to as his “Best Book of the Year List.” In podcast Episode 283 he shares the first portion of that list, beginning with the year 2000.

The books he mentions are as follows:

Now that you have the list, listen to the podcast to find out why these books were so compelling to Andrew that he felt they should appear on it. Next week the discussion will continue with the next books in the series. Bibliophiles rejoice! These episodes offer some great potential fodder for your own bookshelves.


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