The Benefits of Mastery Education: Podcast Episode 264

Mar 31, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Mastery learning is all the rage right now. You may wonder whether the Structure and Style approach follows a mastery-based approach. If so, wonder no longer. Podcast Episode 264 will settle the question.

Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker begin a fascinating discussion about what constitutes a mastery-based education. Listening to their conversation, you will discover differences between Eastern and Western approaches to Suzuki-style instruction. You’ll learn some of the benefits to utilizing a mastery-based instructional approach. And you will see why the Structure and Style approach to writing embraces a mastery at its core.

“Ten thousand times and then begins understanding.” It’s a Japanese proverb that underscores the Suzuki method of violin instruction. It’s equally important to IEW’s Structure and Style approach to writing. Listen to the podcast to learn more about why this is so.

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