Ask Andrew Anything: Podcast Episode 360

Feb 15, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

It’s time for another “Ask Andrew Anything” podcast episode! In this ongoing series, Julie Walker presents Andrew Pudewa with questions from both teachers and teaching parents. This week many of the questions revolve around the topic of motivation. Andrew’s answers provide insight and encouragement as teachers and students embark on the last half of the academic year.


Here are the questions presented in this week’s episode:

● How can I use IEW programs to keep an exceptionally bright student engaged and busy?

● How do you, as a classroom teacher, motivate the student who doesn’t want to follow the key word outline or even
   copy it correctly when we work together as a class?

● What suggestions would you give to a homeschooling parent whose son does not like to sit down and read?

● How can we stay motivated through hard times in educating our children?

● How do I encourage my kids to add more action?

● How do you manage EZ+1 in a classroom where students move at different paces?

● How do I become more dedicated to reading to my children?

● When writing an event description for Unit 5 Writing from Pictures, are students allowed to write in the first person?


If you see a question or two that you’re curious about, listen to this episode! If you or your students have questions, send them to Andrew enjoys tackling just about any question that comes his way.


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