Ask Andrew Anything: Podcast Episode 350

Dec 07, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Since 2015 Andrew and Julie have been adding to the “Ask Andrew Anything” series. The series is an opportunity for Andrew to respond directly to questions asked by our podcast listeners. This week Andrew offers insight and advice as he answers questions on topics like motivating older students and helping students with learning challenges. Almost all of Andrew’s answers have a common theme: the importance of furnishing the mind through memorized language.

Here is a rundown of the various questions posed during the episode:

  • Does IEW have any resources for dyslexia and other alternative ways of learning for a student with an unofficial, undiagnosed learning challenge?
  • How can I help my third grade son, who struggles tremendously with getting ideas from his head out onto paper?
  • My adoptive daughter struggles with putting sentences together. They are missing parts of speech and don’t flow with other sentences. How can I help her?
  • Do you have any suggestions for motivating high school students?

While every episode of “Ask Andrew Anything” is filled with nuggets of wisdom, this episode is especially packed with encouragement and concrete suggestions to help parents support their students, whether they struggle to learn or struggle to find motivation. Additionally, Andrew and Julie relate meaningful ways to reconsider and reflect on what comprises this thing called education and how it is accomplished. It is an episode that will encourage and inspire you as you listen.


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