Ask Andrew Anything: Podcast Episode 200!

Jan 15, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Now that we have moved into the new decade, we are delving into all new podcasts. Marking the beginning of the new year is another notable milestone: the two hundredth episode of The Arts of Language podcast. As is the custom, this episode is an “Ask Andrew Anything” feature—always something fun and entertaining to listen to. This time, parents and students who participated in filming Structure and Style for Students joined him in the studio to ask their questions. Some were serious. Others were sportive. All were interesting.

Some of the questions Andrew answers include the following:

  • How do I motivate and develop vision in students? And if you (Andrew) were to go back and develop vision for your children, what would that look like?
  • If your students are maybe in the second year of doing IEW, and they really seem to understand the concepts, is it okay to go ahead and skip some units, or is there a reason to teach each unit in succession?
  • What is your favorite unit in the Structure and Style syllabus and why?
  • As a homeschooling parent, what was your biggest parent fail, and what would you do differently if you could?
  • We have been told that we can’t help our children too much. Can you elaborate on what would be helping our children “too much”?
  • Out of all of the countries you’ve visited, which is your favorite?
  • What did you want to be as a child?
  • What is your favorite dress-up, opener, and decoration?
  • What is your favorite topic to write about?

These are just a sampling of some of the questions Andrew answered. We hope you will listen in to hear his responses and continue to join us throughout 2020 to listen to our new episodes. We have a lot of great topics planned for discussion!

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