Addressing the Critique: Podcast Episode 189

May 08, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team



For many IEW instructors, the advent of May also announces the advent of Unit 9, the Critique. In Podcast Episode 189, Andrew and Julie discuss this unit and how to approach it. Andrew even reveals some helpful tools for students who are learning this model.

Unit 9, the final writing unit in the IEW progression, features some familiar elements from earlier units. A five-paragraph model, the three body paragraphs are structured the same as in Unit 3, the Story Sequence Model. The biggest difference is that the Critique also has an introduction and a conclusion, similar to Units 7 and 8.

The most challenging element of the Critique is the final paragraph, where the student describes his or her opinion of the work being critiqued. It is here that the student gets to insert his or her thoughts about the book, sharing whether the story is engaging and well-written or whether it is lacking in some way. Because students frequently struggle to find the adequate words to share their thoughts, we encourage teachers to share resources that assist their students in finding the perfect vocabulary. In the podcast Andrew describes where to find one resource that will help students do this.

Unit 9 is a challenging unit, but it can also be very rewarding. It provides an opportunity for students to share their thoughts with their audience about what they have read. By helping your students start on their key word outlines and by sharing resources to help them find their words, you will help your students finish their year of IEW feeling successful. That’s a great way to head into the summer months!

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