“Simplicity with Great Rewards”: Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization

Apr 21, 2017 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


As April begins to wind down and National Poetry Month comes to a close for another year, you may be wondering how to keep the poetry going. After all, poetry is beautiful, and memorizing poetry has many benefits. We have the solution! As a way to continue the poetry fun all year long, we are delighted to offer our Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. Packed full of great poetry, the second edition, released in 2016, offers even more improvements on what was already a fun and friendly program.

Parents and children agree. We are always so pleased and humbled to receive letters and emails from our customers sharing how they have been blessed by a resource or class. We want to share with you how our poetry course has positively impacted some of our customers.

Jamie wrote:

You have chosen fabulous poems that I’ve never even heard of before (how could I select poems like these if I didn’t even know they exist?) and given us a goal, and (the creme de la creme!) an audio CD with all of the poems read by you (Andrew Pudewa)...Your poetry curriculum is a perfect fit for our family, and I love-love-love it! After listening to the poems in the car, my mind feels elevated and refreshed, and my 4th grader often comes home and writes a poem of his own.

Kim also shared with us:

IEW is one of the best curriculums I have used. I plan to use more of their products. My son loves to memorize poetry now and was very proud when he could easily recite a poem. It’s helped created a love of poetry in our home.

Christina echoed her satisfaction:

Easy, gentle, and fun. I print out the poems. The kids, who are nine, six, and four, color while I say the poem, and then they say the poem back. They were hooked from the first day...They recite poetry at dinner, at bedtime, in the pool. It is very fun!

This course isn’t just for students who already love poetry and memorization. It works even with our more reluctant students, as C. Johnson shared:

I have three boys ages fifteen, thirteen, and ten. When I introduced this poetry memorization program for the summer, I was met with resistance, to say the least. My thirteen-year-old said there was no way he was going to do it. I read to them from the teacher’s manual some of the reasons why poetry memorization is important and it turned their attitudes around...I’ve been so impressed that my thirteen-year-old, who raised the biggest fuss, has the easiest time with the memorizing. I like the program because we can do it anywhere...I’m impressed with the simplicity with great rewards.

Poetry memorization also benefits students who struggle with learning disabilities, as Tara shared:

In our home we have two dyslexic students. Memorization and read-alouds are significant to both the growing of our skills and building of our character. Everyone benefits from these practices, but it is paramount for the struggling reader. IEW’s Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization is a great resource for parents who desire to sow the seeds of poetry memorization and reap a harvest of beautiful vocabulary and fluent expression.

Parents are happy, but there’s proof in the pudding! Check out this adorable video of a young poetry lover!

If you have been thinking about adding some memorization to your family’s life, we encourage you to check out the program. It works for all ages and all abilities. And thus we would like to offer you a special gift—a sampling of poems (including the audio)—taken from the first level of Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization. We hope you will download it and enjoy. And remember, it is never too late to “reap a harvest of beautiful vocabulary and fluent expression!”

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