IEW’s 2022 Summer Conference [Live and Online]

Held June 25, 2022 - 8:00AM–4:30PM CT

With workshops for parents and teachers, we believe this day will provide inspiration, encouragement, and a host of new ideas. Collaborate with others and learn methods to help your students find joy in the process of learning.

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Time (CT) Session Speaker

Coffee in the Commons (IEW Bixby Office)


Reaching the Reluctant Writer
Many children do not like to write. Why? This workshop will answer that basic question and teach a specific and successful method for separating the complex process of writing into the smallest possible steps, making it possible for even the most reluctant writer to produce short but complete compositions. He will be proud and motivated to write again. If you remove the problem of what to write, you will be free to help your student learn how to write, using source texts, key word outlines, and composition checklists. Results guaranteed!

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Andrew Pudewa

Principles of Motivation
What is the intangible but vital ingredient which makes things easier to learn and teach? What are the three laws of motivation, and how can they be applied? What are the two secret weapons we can use to aid in motivating students of all ages? The answers to these questions (and others) will be contemplated in this talk by Andrew Pudewa, who has studied the art and science of motivation for three decades.

Andrew Pudewa

But, but, but … What about Grammar?
Knowing how to teach grammar is especially challenging for the parent who doesn’t feel confident in his or her own grammar proficiency. Grammar programs often consist of piles of workbooks, wasted dollars, and way too much time spent trying to fulfill that subject. Often what is taught in those workbook pages doesn’t translate into success in writing. The results are poor mechanics and a less than stellar understanding of "What is a verb?" or perhaps more importantly, “How do verb choices enhance writing?” If you are asking, “But what about grammar?” Andrew Pudewa has answers to your dilemma.

Andrew Pudewa


Lunch Break
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Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
We’ve all suffered it at one time or another: frustration about writing assignments. Either on the receiving end or perhaps now on the giving end, there can be a few distinctly discouraging aspects to teaching and being taught writing. The tough questions include these: What to correct and how to give a grade? How much help is too much? Isn’t the assignment clear enough? Why don’t students find their own errors? Learn how to avoid four teaching mistakes that contribute to this frustration: overcorrecting, holding back help, unclear assignments, and overexpectation.

Andrew Pudewa

Culture, Curriculum, and Care: Building Community in a Time of Need
What is the nature of culture? The nature of curriculum? How does one affect the other? What single element rests at the core of our success in teaching our children? How can we integrate all these as we work to build community with like-minded fellow homeschoolers, in a time when we all feel an increasing need for it? From his three decades of teaching and parenting experience, Andrew will share useful concepts and humorous stories to answer these questions and help invigorate your homeschool.

Andrew Pudewa


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