Structure and Style® Overview DVD [DVD DISCONTINUED]

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Author: Andrew Pudewa
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Structure and Style® Overview DVD [DVD DISCONTINUED]
Co-op teachers and IEW Instructors, we made this DVD for the parents of your students! This two-hour DVD will answer the questions your parents may be asking: “Why are you teaching with the IEW method? Who developed these materials? What do I need to know to help you teach my child?” Buy one to show on Parents' Night, or buy many, so each parent can have his or her own. Also available as an MP3.

[Discontinued: We will no longer sell this DVD after current inventory is sold. A streaming option will be able in the future.]

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In this 2 hour and 8 minute DVD and accompanying handouts, Andrew Pudewa introduces you to the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style method of teaching writing. Also available as an MP3.

Briefly covering the nine units of structure and introducing several stylistic techniques, Andrew gives the audience insight into why this method is so effective in teaching even the most reluctant writer.

Ideal for teachers to give to the parents of students in their classes.

Download the SSO Handout here.

Specifications: 128 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-62341-242-5

Copyright Date: 2015


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