Structure and Style® for Students!


Updated for a New Generation of Students

Nearly twenty years after the release of our Student Writing Intensive (SWI) and Student Writing Continuation Course (SICC) materials, we set out to create and produce a new set of materials that would take the best of the SWI/SICC materials along with the teaching lessons Andrew Pudewa has learned along the way. After two years of production, we are excited to share with teachers and teaching parents a brand-new video course with significant improvements to help you on the path of empowering your students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

How are the SSS materials different?

  • 24 weeks of video instruction
  • entirely new lessons, source texts, and jokes
  • more comprehensive lessons
  • video instruction available via Forever Streaming or DVDs
  • Teacher’s Manual with lesson plans, suggested answers, teaching tips, and more
  • weekly vocabulary
  • Fix It! Grammar and literature recommendations


How do the courses compare?

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For more information, visit our SSS FAQ page.


Here are the three options for purchasing the Structure and Style for Students courses


For help transitioning from SWI/SICC to the new SSS materials, visit this page.

While a lot has changed in those twenty years, what has not changed is Andrew Pudewa’s wit and humor along with the core methodology of IEW’s Structure and Style approach to teaching writing!

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