Unboxing Structure and Style for Students: Year 2 Level B

For step-by-step instructions on how to use Structure and Style® for Students (SSS) BASIC package, see below.


Basic Packages (DVD or Forever Streaming)

>> Watch: Year 2 Level B Basic Package Unboxing Video

1. Activate Forever Streaming student videos.
If your package includes Forever Streaming, you will have a card like the one pictured on the right instead of DVDs. First activate your Structure and Style for Students (SSS) videos at IEW.com/SSS-STREAM-GO and follow the directions, using the unique activation code printed on your SSS Forever Streaming Activation Card. You can find your activation card adhered to the outside of the bag that contains your SSS Student Packet and Binder inside your SSS box.


2. Assemble student binder.
Read page 5 in your Teacher’s Manual and assemble the Student Binder.

3. Prepare for your first week.
Read pages 9–16 in your Teacher’s Manual.

4. Watch the first student video.
Watch Structure and Style for Students Video 1 with your student. See time signatures on page 9 in your SSS Teacher's Manual. If you have Forever Streaming videos that you have activated, you'll find your videos under the SSS-2B VIDEO tab in your account on IEW.com.


5. Have fun!
Enjoy your writing journey with Mr. Pudewa!



IEW provides digital downloads for many of our products. You can access your digital downloads by following the instructions on the blue page, found at the front of the book. Instructions for digital downloads for Structure and Style for Students can be found in the Teacher's Manual.

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