Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level C - Week 17 (Online Sites)

Online Sites (Marine Archaeology) for Week 17 Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level C (SSS-1C)

It’s easy to get lost searching on the internet, and not everything that you find will be useful to your paper. The following links reference a few of the things that were covered in the week 17 articles that Mr. Pudewa read in class. These links have been pre-researched for you so you can cut down the time needed to find solid content for your own week 17 composition.

If you find a problem with a link, please let us know at

Author Organization Article Web Link
Greene, Elizabeth S., et al Archaeological Institute of America "Mare Nostrum? Ethics and Archaeology in Mediterranean Waters"
Jones, Sam The Guardian "£254m Battle of the Black Swan"
None Given "Cannons from 1804 Spanish Wreck Recovered off the Algarve"
None Given Society for American Archaeology "Principles of Archaeological Ethics"
Times Staff Writer Tampa Bay Times "Odyssey Marine Ordered to Pay Spain $1 million in Black Swan Case"
US District Court, M.D. Florida "Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. Vessel"
Penty, Charles "A Shipwreck Possibly Containing $17 Billion Worth of Lost Gold Has Been Found Off Colombia, and Everyone Wants a Piece"
Boehm, Mike Los Angeles Times "Getty’s James Cuno Defends Museums’ Right to Keep Ancient Art"
None Given Wikipedia "J. Paul Getty Museum"
None Given Wikipedia "Steve Jobs"
Tremlett, Giles The Guardian "Treasure from Sunken Galleon Must be Returned to Spain, Judge Says"
Oliver, Mark The Guardian "Ten Tonnes of Gold and a Tonne of Trouble"



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