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IEW provides everything you need to help your students become confident communicators!

IEW’s curriculum will help you implement the methodology you learned in Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. We have the perfect solution for your curriculum needs, regardless of your teaching style or classroom setup.


Option 1

Structure and Style for Students

Including 24 video lessons (up to 30 weeks of instruction) taught by Andrew Pudewa using IEW’s Structure and Style approach, this curriculum provides clear daily assignments and includes vocabulary words, literature suggestions, and lesson plans for teachers. Teachers can either show the videos to their students (live on-site) or model the teaching shown.

A Student Book must be purchased for each student.

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Option 2

Theme-Based Writing Lessons

Choose a theme that parallels your classroom focus or appeals to your students. This curriculum option includes daily lesson plans that lead your students to write using the Structure and Style writing method in your chosen theme! Connecting your writing assignments to your classroom content is made easy.

A Student Book must be purchased for each student.

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