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From Tears to Tools (2nd-Grade Teacher)

Last year I was given the opportunity to pilot IEW in second grade. I fell in love with this program. Writing is such a difficult subject to teach. It often involves tears from the teacher as well as the students. However, as I began using the methodology from IEW, I noticed that my students no longer dreaded writing, but enjoyed it.

IEW gives many strategies and tools to children to give them confidence in the writing process. One of the these is the Writer's Toolkit. The toolkit gives a student as young as first grade the resources to be able to use strong verbs, prepositions, and ly-adverbs to "grow" their sentences in their writing. They love learning about these topics, especially when they get to add the sticker to their "toolkit." It gives them success at their fingertips.

As a teacher, I love the lists within this resource. Many students of this age would not have the vocabulary to add these words on their own. But with the toolkit, they can "dress-up" their writing and be successful at doing it. Thank you IEW for helping my school improve in the area of writing.

Leah Smith, 2nd-grade teacher


Highest Scores in the State (4th-Grade Teacher)

I teach 4th grade and we write about an hour a day. We write across the curriculum, using the structure models and checklists, however, I do have a dedicated "writing time" each day.

This is my 3rd year teaching this method and my kids are amazing writers. In Oregon, 4th grade is the year we administer the state writing benchmark test and our students score among the highest in the state. Thank you IEW!

Sandra Ottley, 4th-grade teacher


Students of All Ability Levels (5th–8th Grade Teacher)

This is the first chance I have had to share any thoughts with you since school began for us in September. I teach combined grades 5–6 and 7–8. I have been teaching grammar for a number of years but was frustrated that there was no real link to the implementation of grammar in the students’ writing. This has been so exciting for me to see their work being transformed. My students love grammar class now and even prefer it over science! I also teach students with learning disabilities and have been amazed how the use of the KWO has improved their comprehension of stories and the ability to recall a story in sequential order. I also am finding a new freedom in teaching classes that have a wide range of abilities. I now have ways to work with the dependent students and allow the stronger ones to excel. I love the webinars. They keep me reviewing and keep me focused. 

Laura Tonello, 5th–8th grade teacher


Life-Changing Program (Lower-School Teacher)

I just wanted to drop you a quick line during my exactly 20 min of prep to tell you how much I LOVE Excellence in Writing. It is truly a life changing program, for both teacher and student. Even my most profoundly impacted dyslexic students--who are not reading beyond 1st grade--are able to gain access. The key word outlines, use of symbols, guided discovery, and practice speaking in complete sentences are all "must haves" for my kiddos, and I am so thankful that this program is giving me the knowledge base I need in order to serve them.

The training you led was fantastic as well. Professional development can be hit or miss, and I am grateful your instruction was so helpful and relevant. Thank you.

Emily O'Conner, Lead Lower-School Teacher




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