The Phonetic Zoo Placement Test

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Assessing your Student's Spelling Competence

  1. This program is designed for students ages 9 and up. If your student is younger, begin with All About Spelling.
  2. There are three levels of the The Phonetic Zoo program: Level A (primary), Level B (intermediate), and Level C (highest). By giving your student one or more of the three spelling tests below, you can determine at which level he/she should begin.
  3. Do not allow your student to see or study these tests before you give them since it would interfere with the accuracy of the placement.
  4. When you administer the test to the students, do not repeat the words in sentences or give definitions unless absolutely necessary.

(For a student in grades 3–5, give Test I. For students in grade 6 or higher, begin with Test II.)


Spelling Placement Test I (for students in grades 3, 4, & 5)

spend flight carried view obtain beg lining
enjoy travel repair prison family kitchen nephew
visit rapid clock helper fortune clerk nineteen
usual beautiful empire engine hungry through vacation
complaint favor (favour) mayor loss husband white room
auto entrance wait election amount degree passenger
awful importance trouble department human noticed quiet


  • Missed 0-6: give Test III.
  • Missed 7-16: give Test II.
  • Missed 17-32: begin with the Phonetic Zoo Level A.
  • If you find that the Test I words are too difficult for your student or if the student missed more than 33 words, we recommend All About Spelling.


Spelling Placement Test II (for students in grades 6 and up)

guess estimate automobile required really biscuits commence
circular accident various refer celebration bruised compete
argument invitation decide minute folks burglar deceive
volume accept entitle ought ache business discoveries
organize impossible political absence amusement changeable electricity
summon concern national conference approval chimney error
official associate recent Wednesday banana choir exceptions



Spelling Placement Test III (high school and beyond)

immediate architecture exquisite persevere athletic antique orchestra
convenient development peculiar repeated extreme bicycle parliament
receipt beneficial financier rinsed practical calendar precipice
preliminary contagious intelligent treachery proceed decision restaurant
disappoint artificial mistletoe familiar cordially accuracy seized
especially distillery opportunity appreciate character digestible surgeon
annual employees emergency sincerely February mucilage thoroughly



Click here to download this Spelling Placement Test as a PDF.

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