Printing with Letter Stories [Blackline Masters]

Category: Writing
Author: Jill Pike
  • K-2
  • SPED
  • ELL
Printing with Letter Stories [Blackline Masters]
Students learn each letter with a story—how it sounds and how to form. Includes practice pages and illustrated letter story cards.

Example: The letter c is the happy letter, because he is a cookie that someone bit: c, c, cookie! The letter o is the sad letter, because he is a cookie that nobody bit. He says, “Ah,” (short o sound) “nobody took a bite out of me!”

Teacher's instructions included as an e-book download.

Also available as Student Packets here (purchase one per student).

These blackline masters are included within the Kindergarten Classroom Supplement and Student Writing Portfolio materials

Specifications: 245 pages

ISBN: 978-1-62341-145-9

Edition: First Edition, June 2014

Copyright Date: 2014


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