Advanced Spelling and Vocabulary: SAT/ACT - Difficult Word Pronunciation List

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "not all educated speakers pronounce words the same way."

Lesson Track Time Signature Spelling Word Pronunciation on CD An Alternate Pronunciation Notes
One 2, 3 0:18, 0:39 indefatigable ĭn-dě-fa-tee-gə-bəl ĭn-dĭ-fat-ĭ-gə-bəl  
One 2, 3 0:30, 1:02 indubitable   ĭn-doo-bĭ-tuh-buhl It is indubitable; this word was mispronounced one time within the contextual sentence. It was also misspelled by Dr. Webster when he orally sequenced the word on the CD. This has been fixed on newer discs.
One 2, 3 2:33, 3:02 peregrinate pěr-ěn-grə-nāt pěr-ĭ-grə-nāt  
Two 4 3:16 allopathy a-loh-pa-thee uh-lŏp-uh-thee  
Three 6, 7 0:08, 0:05 divertissement dĭs-vur-tĭs-muhnt



Fr. dee-ver-tees-mahn

The speaker did, in fact, mispronounce this word on track 6.

On track 7, the speaker again mispronounced the word, but differently than on track 6. Those of you who study ballet or a musical instrument recognize that divertissement came into the English language from the French. For this reason, interestingly, the word might not even appear in your home library’s dictionary.

Four 8, 9 2:24, 2:13 ratiocination rey-shee-ŏ-suh-ney-shuhn rash-ee-ŏ-suh-ney-shuhn  
Four 8, 9 6:52, 6:36 scion skee-ŏn -ən  

The bold syllable indicates a word's primary stress.

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