Advanced Spelling and Vocabulary: Government & Law - Difficult Word Pronunciation List

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "not all educated speakers pronounce words the same way."

Lesson Track Time Signature Spelling Word Pronunciation on CD An Alternate Pronunciation Notes
Three 6 6:09 codicil kōd-uh-sil kod-uh-suhl  
Three 7 0:50 obloquy ōb-luh-kee ob-luh-kwee  
Four 8 1:00 habeas ha-bee-uhs hey-bee-uhs  
Four 8 3:22 prevenient   prĭ-vēn-yənt (In this list, word #11, according to the insert, should be prevenient, but Dr. Webster verbally gave a different word - espionage.)

The bold syllable indicates a word's primary stress.

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