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The high school years can be daunting, but writing does not have to be. IEW is here to help you navigate the essays, research papers, and literary analysis your students need to succeed in high school and beyond. It’s never too late to learn how to write well!





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What might a pathway look like for a student starting out with IEW in ninth grade?

If your student is reading at grade level, we recommend starting with the Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level C Premier Package for you and your student in ninth grade. Tenth grade would be a good time to move on to Windows to the World taught in conjunction with Teaching the Classics or taught as a one-semester class paired with Introduction to Public Speaking. For eleventh grade, your student could move to Structure and Style for Students: Year 2 Level C

There are additional options for your high school student discussed in Andrew Pudewa's conference talk Hacking High School: Rethinking the Teen Years. Grammar, spelling, public speaking, and entrepreneurship can be added alongside as well. Call, chat, or email us for additional support with making decisions!


I have a high school senior. Where should I start with IEW to make sure he gets as much writing instruction as possible before graduation?

Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level C provides a solid foundation in writing while also expanding into more advanced essay models such as research papers and persuasive essays. Take it one step further and hone your student’s grammar expertise before he enters college or the workforce.

Fix It! Grammar will provide you with a full-year grammar course. In the Fix It! Grammar language arts and grammar curriculum, students internalize the rules instead of just memorizing them. That’s because Fix It! Grammar encourages students to critically analyze an ongoing story by searching for and fixing embedded errors, and in the process, the students begin to carry the knowledge of accurate punctuation and correct grammar more easily into their own compositions. To ensure you start the program at your student’s level of ability, we recommend reviewing the skills listed for each level on the Fix It! Grammar landing page. 


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High School Credits

Six Calming Answers to Six Panicky Questions about High School English for Homeschoolers

A Homeschooler's Guide to High School Grades, Credits, & Transcripts




Does IEW count as a full high school English credit?

Credits are one of those things we wish were like math where there is always one correct answer. High school credits are not like math, and the requirements vary depending on where you live. Please check with your state homeschool orgnaization for the best way to calculate credits for your particular student. English encompasses communication skills: composition (writing), literature, public speaking, grammar, and may also include vocabulary and spelling. You will need to make sure you are covering all of the requirements for your state

Lee Binz with www.homehighschoolhelp.com understands the difficulty in creating high school transcripts and is dedicated to providing parents with specific beneficial answers to credit questions. If you have questions about high school credits and transcripts, we encourage you to contact her. She will be happy to help.




“I wish I had known of this system when I taught 11th and 12th grade English! It is a phenomenal way to teach writing! The content is provided, and our students are shown how to organize their thoughts and source material and given the structure to format every type of writing they will encounter. The checklist makes grading and expectations a breeze! I cannot recommend IEW enough!”


“I just wanted to say that I took IEW in elementary school and I still use and apply the writing tactics as a junior in college. I am majoring in journalism and work for my college's public relations website, and I still think this is super helpful. Thanks IEW!”


“After years of IEW, my high school junior, taking a community college English class, was recommended by his professor to be a tutor at the college's writing help center! Thank you for a great product and for making it easy for me to give my children quality writing instruction!”


“IEW does work—and well. After holding them tight to the checklist for three or four years, it's wonderful to see them fly with their own voice, their own style, and their own personality.”


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